Anna Lena at holiday

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Anna pulled her coat closer together and buried her hands deep in the pockets of her jeans. The sun had still given warmth to her when she left in her hometown that morning, but here, on the coast, the harsh wind blew the gray clouds over her, raging the sea. In front of her, unimpressed by the stormy gusts, was a ball in the sand, the leather was already loosening in some places and he hardly seemed to be able to breathe. Suddenly she remembered a word: "Bapsch". Memories from her childhood appeared before her as she had played football with the boys in her village on two rusty gates. One of them, his name was Ronny, and he was the best footballer in the village, maybe even in the whole community. He always took the ball before the game started and pressed it between his hands to explain to the rest of the children that the ba...

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