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0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 1 day ago

Now the page has a new problem, the videos upload till 39% and fail

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 1 day ago

The adm can repair the last 2 videos and the last album I uploaded, they appeared as ERROR

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 1 day ago

When I try to upload videos appear the next message Unexpected server response received. Please contact support.
Please fix the page problens as soon as possible

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 2 days ago

Another page failure....... It is impossible to upload videos or photos
The last album I uploaded has an error message, and today I tried to upload videos but all failed

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 2 days ago

Uploaded two more and the problem is still the same ERROR

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0 +1 -1 Anonymous 2 days ago

Hello, try again to upload 1GB+ videos, it should works well, if not reply please

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 1 week ago

The administrator should solve the several prolems in the page. All large videos uploaded, with more tham 1GB end with ERROR message.

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 1 week ago

All uploaded videos are staying in proccess mode for more tham 4 days, please fix it

1 +1 -1 Bobbigballs 1 week ago

How do i see all the private videos?

1 +1 -1 Smithy2272 2 weeks ago

Be great if there was a chat feature

3 +1 -1 ashyystev 2 weeks ago

Can anyone tell me where I might find some aussie girls into horse and k9? Websites i can contact them through?

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0 +1 -1 rudi from belgium 3 weeks ago

I wish germanzoogirl33 would date my

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0 +1 -1 rudi from belgium 3 weeks ago

I wish too make animal porn get fuck by dog and suck horses' would also like too date a girl that like this sex I live in Beerse belgium

0 +1 -1 sniffer 4 weeks ago

please delete my account

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0 +1 -1 Anonymous 1 month ago

the profile was removed

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0 +1 -1 Anonymous 1 month ago

"Relax," said the night man
"We are programmed to receive
You can check-out any time you like
But you can never leave!" so what do i have to do to remove myself and my post from this site , i ask nice , will be a asshole if i must

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0 +1 -1 Jfk 1 month ago

how can I contact support

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1 +1 -1 Anonymous 1 month ago

Hello administrators remove my posts and my profile

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0 +1 -1 Anonymous 1 month ago

Does anyone run this site , i been asking nicely to be remove but my profile is still here

0 +1 -1 alex_berlin 2 months ago

Suche animalische Freunde in Deutschland, nähe Berlin wäre schön.

-2 +1 -1 Bonei 2 months ago

What the fuck! My posts stay inactive for weeks?

1 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 2 months ago

What is hapenning with the videos, impossible to watch any of them. It happened a few days ago. Adm please fix the page for good

1 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 2 months ago

Once again the videos stay in PROCESSING mode for an eternity

0 +1 -1 Analacomplice 2 months ago

Facebook and Twitter are good for taboos all sorts of freaks with all different kinks there. I also want $10 for that bit of info. Lmao

3 +1 -1 valik133 2 months ago

привет.кто поможет с кобелём?

1 +1 -1 34beetz 2 months ago

hello everyone great work

11 +1 -1 pajeczkaa966 2 months ago

Hej. Im looking for people who can give me sex with dogs on real. Im very submissive little girl

1 +1 -1 Analacomplice 2 months ago

Qethe, looking at that profile the vids have been there for a year and your complaining now? The titles are abit shady and if it can be proven as underage then the admins should delete it. Way to rat out your fellow pornfay'r tho. Let the admins do their job, hell I'm sure most of this shits illegal somewhere.

-6 +1 -1 Qethe 2 months ago

It apperar that this person has illegal content on their profile
if it is indded illegal, please remove it asap

0 +1 -1 mitka 2 months ago

Great! Everything works

2 +1 -1 Doorman1000 2 months ago

Yay - they're back!

1 +1 -1 emi 2 months ago

html5: Video file not found

2 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 2 months ago

Hard to believe the administrators take so long to fix the problem wjthout give the members an explanation

4 +1 -1 Analacomplice 2 months ago

Hey admins, the longer the site is down (unable to play videos) the more we are wanking at your competitors sites. Fix this shit so we can bukkake your pornfayce again.

8 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 2 months ago

Please fix the problem so we can watch the videos

9 +1 -1 Doorman1000 2 months ago

Same issue here - keep getting "html5: Video file not found" (If this is a double-post, sorry - just hit submit and didn't see anything show up)

9 +1 -1 Pimp28 2 months ago

Same issue here

16 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 2 months ago

Any other members having the same problem watching the videos should report here so the administrator will try to fix it faster

9 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 2 months ago

It would be good if the page administrators, inform a possible date to solven this new problem

10 +1 -1 Analacomplice 2 months ago

also for albums i get "The requested content cannot be loaded.
Please try again later."

10 +1 -1 Analacomplice 2 months ago

Was wondering what was going on i get an HTML5 error too. I thought it was just me.

12 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 2 months ago

What is hapenning with the videos, impossible to watch any of them

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11 +1 -1 Anonymous 2 months ago

Since 7 hours from now all videos I tried to watch present the message VIDEO FILE NOT FOUND. Please fix this problem soon

5 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 2 months ago

Impossible to watch the videos, They all present a video not found message

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5 +1 -1 Hi 3 months ago

Hmu I’m a girl

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3 +1 -1 Hi 3 months ago


0 +1 -1 xgranny 3 months ago

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0 +1 -1 hharone 3 months ago

Any girls looking to chat

0 +1 -1 GeilerSpritzer79 3 months ago

Anyone (female) for whatsapp here

6 +1 -1 LickMyLilHoleDaddy 3 months ago

How does a member become verified? Noob question, sorry...

1 +1 -1 Analacomplice 3 months ago

What admins? They still wont respond to my questions.

2 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 3 months ago

Once again the videos stay in Processing for days. Hope the adm can solve the page problems for good

5 +1 -1 vainsuckerme 3 months ago

Hi all, i asked my hubby what he wants for his upcoming birthday present, i was quite shocked as his wish was to watch me to give our two labradors a blow-job while he jerks off, i do want to give him his birthday wish, but i want to know if i do this can i catch any kind of infection/diseases from sucking on their cocks or swallowing doggy cum?

-1 +1 -1 momma's slaveboy 3 months ago

Hello everyone...i wanna be a slave boy...anyone up for being a master or mistress

2 +1 -1 Analacomplice 4 months ago

Still wondering why my videos are not private and why i cant delete the public ones to reupload them. Got an answer for that? Admins wont respond.

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5 +1 -1 Anonymous 4 months ago

Porn including minors younger than 18 years isn't allowed, and possession is illegal, you will be banned and reported

4 +1 -1 Vrozza 4 months ago

What kind of porn isn't allowed on this site?

2 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 4 months ago

Once again the videos stay in Processing for days. Hope the adm can solve the page problems for good

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 4 months ago

When I upload albuns, the page only permits maximun 20 pictures. Hope the adm solve this problem so I can upload albuns with more than 20 photos

7 +1 -1 germanzoogirl33 4 months ago

Its my dream to jerk , suck 2 stallions and swallow hot horsecum, than i want it in my pussy and my asshole!

7 +1 -1 germanzoogirl33 4 months ago

Please Help me!...iam a german teacherwife and i want to be my first horsesex and incest in porn or on webcam♡♡♡♡♡♧

0 +1 -1 Analacomplice 4 months ago

Its been a week does this site have admins? I want to change my videos status thats "locked by admin" do you guys exist or are you remaining hidden while fucking bigfoot?

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4 +1 -1 Anonymous 5 months ago

Once again impossible to log in
The admins not allow us to modify our videos from private to public or from public to private, they could give us some freedom

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 5 months ago

Anyone knows how to chamge some videos from private to public

2 +1 -1 Analacomplice 5 months ago

Any admins read this? Still wondering why my vids are not set to private. Once I know I might start uploading more. Really agrivated about this issue.

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 5 months ago

Once again the page has problems, hope they fix it soon. My messages disappeared and the videos i uploaded today are still in processing

0 +1 -1 Analacomplice 5 months ago

Messages disappeared here too. I posted on support page to see what they say

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 5 months ago

The page adm could tell me why all my messages disappeared and if they will fix the problem

1 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 5 months ago

All my messages just disappeared. I ask the adm how recover the messages

-1 +1 -1 Analacomplice 5 months ago

I set a few videos as private when uploading however after the inactive stage they are now public? Why is there an option if it just changes and is locked by the admin so I cant fix it? Makes me wanna stop uploading anymore vids. Please let me know why this happened?

4 +1 -1 Martinehaze2 5 months ago

Anyone from Sweden or Norway? Msg me if you want contact

0 +1 -1 Analacomplice 5 months ago

Don't wanna judge but that's crazy man. There is no way I would let a snake near my package. To each their own tho.

Anyways, Just wanted to mention I added a few ageplay videos, Daddy Daughter stuff to my profile. They should appear in a few days (currently inactive) so add me if your interested.

2 +1 -1 snake666 5 months ago

help me find this one please.... https://animalsexhost.com/animal-zoo-3/

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1 +1 -1 Anonymous 5 months ago

if your videos are ok in general you they will be moderated in 5 min as for approved user

0 +1 -1 Analacomplice 5 months ago

Ok, I understand videos need to be approved therefore they are "inactive" but its been 2 days. How long does it usually take before my videos are available?

1 +1 -1 Analacomplice 5 months ago

My videos are inactive too. Have we found out why it says that?

2 +1 -1 madafakacz 6 months ago

why my new video has status "inactive?

3 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 6 months ago

All new viddeos are in PROCESSING for two days, hope they fix it soon

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 6 months ago

Thanks for information, it is ok now. But yesterday I upload 12 videos and they are still in Processing status

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9 +1 -1 Anonymous 6 months ago

Alwaysdom, hello, the filesize issue was fixed, take a look

3 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 6 months ago

It is incredible the page cannot fix the problems so we can upload albums with more tham 20 pics and videos larger tham 250Mb.

1 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 7 months ago

Please fix the problem so we can upload large videos as we can do in other pages

-1 +1 -1 germanzoogirl33 7 months ago

Guys, please Only big cocks !!! 10+ inches !!!

4 +1 -1 germanzoogirl33 7 months ago

Attention....!!!....Iam a german teachergirl 33y and iam looking to 5-10 Blackgangs-Muslim-Refugeegroups/rounds with 20-100 xxl-cocks for 6 hours anal-gangbang ( Price for Safer 10 Euro/guy and 20 Euros No Safer!!)

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 7 months ago

The page administrator could fix the problem so we can upload larger videos as we used to do. Now it is impossible to upload larger tham 250Mb

0 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 7 months ago

Does anyone knows why it is impossible to upload videos larger tham 250Mb,? When I try to upload larger videos after 1% appears an error message

7 +1 -1 animalfucker 8 months ago

how to be come a verified member?

5 +1 -1 funkdat 8 months ago

Wow, the first 10+ pages of new videos on this website are of animals taking a dump. Either someone's intentionally trying to sabotage the website, or this website has literally gone down the tubes from what it used to be.

9 +1 -1 nat517 8 months ago

how can i watch videos market private

5 +1 -1 momma's slaveboy 10 months ago

anyone want incest chat..??

11 +1 -1 Boo25122378 11 months ago

Anyone have new chatango room?

1 +1 -1 alex_berlin 11 months ago

Hallo aus Deutschland, berlin. Jemand aus der nähe hier?

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33 +1 -1 14girl 11 months ago

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18 +1 -1 solange 11 months ago

how can i watch videos market private

0 +1 -1 jejedu24 11 months ago

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1 +1 -1 jejedu24 11 months ago

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5 +1 -1 Freako 11 months ago

The whole video control bar or player disappears after around 1 second and the video itself gets a blackscreen everytime I click on a video. What could I do?

-2 +1 -1 xgranny 11 months ago

All hi! Watch my videos.

-1 +1 -1 Stolzimherz09 12 months ago

At the end my vids are uploaded and I will upload for more

5 +1 -1 numberc 12 months ago

Does anyone have any videos of sleeping girls getting fucked or licked by dogs? Hit me up!

0 +1 -1 momma's slaveboy 12 months ago

want to chat as a toilet slave...anyone interested??

4 +1 -1 rodrigo182 12 months ago

I upload 8 videos 6 days ago and still are in processing status

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12 +1 -1 Anonymous 12 months ago

Chat is down? Why? Need new links for stuff

1 +1 -1 Rilamagic 12 months ago

can someone please tell me why theres even a private option?? if you wanna put a video out there just fucking do it and move on. also....ACCEPT YOUR FUCKING FRIEND REQUESTS

8 +1 -1 Stolzimherz09 1 year ago

I just upload many vids, and I will keep uploading more, but they looks in processed 3 and 4 days ago... why is it?

8 +1 -1 billy323232 1 year ago

Teen pics :)

23 +1 -1 Intothings 1 year ago

What’s up with all the sponsored sites being pedo sites? That says bad shit all over it......

1 +1 -1 warthog1 1 year ago

Been almost a month now that I can not get into my messages? I try to go there and it kicks me off the site... I am really not happy with the website right now

7 +1 -1 Alwaysdom 1 year ago

I upload 30 videos ayer and today and they are still in processing status. I would like to know when they will be avaiable

28 +1 -1 incestluv85 1 year ago

Anyone wanna post or send some links for some hot young girls

0 +1 -1 marcel0815 1 year ago

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3 +1 -1 MasterK 1 year ago

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2 +1 -1 pornomature 1 year ago

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1 +1 -1 xgranny 1 year ago

my videos too inactive. Why?

12 +1 -1 viper1983 1 year ago

why are uploads inactive?:angry:

-3 +1 -1 thefrench13 1 year ago

Hi all, here for find some good stuff, French people, fell free to contact me

-2 +1 -1 Boo25122378 1 year ago

Why do videos say inactive?

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19 +1 -1 Lora 1 year ago

Plz suggest some sites having rough amateur porn.thanks

-1 +1 -1 mdogg77 1 year ago

Hey. Why are all my uploads marked as inactive?

13 +1 -1 travsahondra 1 year ago

hey admin, stop remove my pics and let others use exact sames pics from same artist!stupid faggot!

2 +1 -1 maxouns4 1 year ago

do you guys know how long it takes before your uploads become visible ?

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20 +1 -1 omnedon 1 year ago

Anonymous if you find any good links let me know

8 +1 -1 matt22829 1 year ago

what is everyone into?

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128 +1 -1 Anonymous 1 year ago

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2 +1 -1 Anonymous 1 year ago

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4 +1 -1 Anonymous 1 year ago

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130 +1 -1 Anonymous 1 year ago

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26 +1 -1 PornFay 1 year ago

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